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May 2017

Updating Microlay App

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  1. Enable Navigation Bar: Printer Settings>Advanced Options>Enable Navigation Bar (Android will Reboot)
  2. Exit App.
  3. Introduce USB pendrive on the printer
  4. Open File Manager app from the Android Dashboard, Clic on the upper left icon (imagen) and then on Bookmarks tab and then clic on USB Storage
  5. Browse to your apk file and clic on it. Android will prompt to install the app, clic on YES, accept all permission.

B9 Creator Support Settings

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  1. Use the Automatic Supports… feature. Top Menu>Support Tools>Automatic Supports…
  2. Use the value for Supports Density: 35-40%
  3. When is done, select all the supports created and modify them using those values:

NOTE: Custom values for supports could be saved following next steps:

  1. Make Sure Custom preset is selected on the side bar and no support is selected
  2. Modify the support values like the previous screenshots
  3. Then you can use the preset selecting the supports you want to modify and then clicking on the Custom button