Otoflash G-171 n2


Flash triggers for fast and safe polymerisation of 3D prints in an inert gas atmosphere. Also suitable for other light-curing materials in the light wave range 300-700 nm.



The Otoflash G171 Std has two flashes that emit light from below into the curing chamber. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for use in dental applications, otoplastics and jewelry production. The device can be used for light-curing all light-curable materials where curing takes place at a wavelength of 280-580 nm.

The powerful flash light combined by the mirrored environment confers a very deep and complete curing of small pieces, which makes this machine the most used in dental laboratories all over the world.

With its technical configuration, the Otoflash G171 allows for short curing times: In operating mode, two lamps installed at the bottom produce ten flashes per second. The respective light radiation at a wavelength of 280-580 nm is very intense. Compared to other methods, substantially better curing of the materials is achieved, resulting in optimal mechanical properties and reduced residual monomer content (inhibition layer).

Otoflash G171 Std has an integrated elapsed time meter, is easy to use, and extremely easy to maintain.


  • Two flash lamps that hit the curing chamber from below so that curing times can be reduced.
    Wide light wavelength range for optimal resin curing and optimum final properties in 3D printing materials
    The gas protection device prevents oxygen inhibition and allows the correct polymerization of the surface by avoiding the inhibition layer of toxic residual monomer in the mouth
    The light curing machine has an integrated timer that is easy to use and maintain.
    This NK Optik machine is validated by all manufacturers of biocompatible 3D materials for the post-processing of their resins (Detax, GC, Dreve, Keystone, 3Delta…)

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 14 cm

120 x 120 x 50 mm