Microlay Versus 385 (Limited offer)


Microlay Versus 385 is a DLP 3D printer specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements of both laboratories and dental clinics. An open printer with a library of more than 130 materials from manufacturers such as Detax, Dentona, NextDent, Keystone, GC or Bego among others.

The price of the offer is subject to a limited number of units and includes installation and online training and the ability to print with an extensive but limited list of printing materials.

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wdt_ID Feature Value
1 Dimensions 473 x 357 x 464 mm
2 Weight 35 kg
3 Voltage 12V
4 Power 180W
5 Printing Volume 125 x 70 x 185 mm
6 Horizontal resolution (X-Y) 65 µm
7 Layer height 10-100 µm
8 Max printing speed 80mm/hour
All the information

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 80 cm