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Microlay Eve PRO

Revolution 4.0 in your lab

“The new Microlay Eve PRO improves printing speed by up to 2x over the previous version and minimizes LCD deterioration by minimizing the need for maintenance. In addition, the print area is increased to 128x78mm. This 3D printer has been designed for the small and medium laboratory that seeks to digitize its workflow in a scalable way, without large investments and without compromising the required precision and reliability for daily work.”

LED matrix with parallel projection lens

A powerful 405nm LED array distributes energy uniformly across the entire printing surface, achieving a precise and repeatable result. The parallel projection lens module prevents dispersed light rays that cause inaccuracies and uneven energy zones in other LCD printers. The result is accurate and reliable impressions that the laboratory or clinic professional can trust.

50 microns XY resolution

With a pixel size of 50 microns, the Microlay Eve 3D printer achieves results with the highest resolution on the market. Unlike other LCD systems, this resolution is real and effective thanks to the parallel light source. Details in the smallest geometries are spectacular, even using 10x lenses.

Open system to 3rd party materials

The printer is optimized for Microlay Printfit materials, among others, but it can work in open mode, allowing the user to experiment with any other 405nm compatible material.

A robust design for professional results

A robust design, finished in steel and anodized aluminum, give it the reliability and durability needed in the most demanding professional environment. The resin tank, made of aluminum, does not need to be replaced. The tank film, with an optimized design, can be changed by any user in less than two minutes.

WiFi/Ethernet connectivity

We are aware of the importance of comfort in daily processes within laboratory work. The Microlay Eve behaves like a 3D print server for any computer, tablet or mobile within the same network.

At the same time, if you have several Eve printers, you can send your job to the selected machine directly form your PC, with just one click from our MicroForm Software.

Keep your printer up-to-date with all the free updates that will introduce you in the era of Industry 4.0, 5G networks and “Machine learning” focused on predictive printer maintenance.

5-inch touchscreen

The Microlay Eve makes the difficult easy. Control the printer from its 5-inch touchscreen, with a simplified, clean and intuitive interface. Upload digital files, select a media profile and print. As easy as that.

You can also open Teamviewer directly from the touchscreen to remotely connect to our technical service or support.

5-inches touchscreen
USB Flash Drive
405nm collimated LED light
Resin capacity 150ml
wdt_ID - -
1 Dimensions 250 x 265 x 500 mm
2 Weight 12kg
4 Power 160W
5 Print Volume 127x77,5x170 mm
6 Horizontal resolution (X-Y) 50µm
7 Vertical resolution (Z) Selectable (10-100µm)
8 Maximum print speed 50mm/hour
9 Technology Monochrome LCD with collimated light
10 Wavelength 405nm

Dental Models

Print accurate and repeatable models and dies. You can also use it to print your models to thermoform aligners, up to 15 models, using our Microform software.

Temporary Crowns and Bridges and castable

Print temporary restorations using a Class IIa biocompatible material or use our castable material.


Forget the traditional methods. Design your splints using your preferred CAD system and print them directly.

Surgical Guides

Plan the surgery and print your guides directly in your clinic.


Save money printing your try-in before milling

Custom Trays

For best impression accuracy
Compatible materials
  • Design Gueller models with removable dies with Exocad and print them with Printfit Dental Model. Download and install this file in the corresponding folder.


  • Download the file with the 3Shape design parameters.